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Some basic guidelines for the domestic user before your new tank is installed:

  • If you intend moving the base for the tank, or provide any fire screening, this work will need to be completed prior to our replacement work.

  • Any concrete base needs to be a minimum 6 inches thick re-enforced.

  • When you have decided which tank would most suit you, please contact us again to discuss costs. In the meantime detailed below is the work which we undertake to do.

  • We shall pump out your existing oil and hold it in our holding tank while we dismantle the old tank and install the replacement and fit with new fittings and gauge. We then re-fill the new tank with the oil less any sludge or water and test that the boiler fires.

  • Should there be a need for us to extend / install any underground pipe-work please advise us.

  • If the tank is being re-located and you need to provide a trench for extended pipe-work, the trench must be a minimum 18 inches deep.

  • Our Mild Steel tanks are fully guaranteed for two years.  Thereafter the tank should be maintained and if so, will give an expected service for a minimum fifteen years. Any parts and equipment not manufactured by us is covered by their own manufacturer's guarantees. Charges may be made for labour by them.

  • Payment is required in full on completion.

  • Vat charged at ruling rate on date of invoicing.

  • Lead times may be affected by adverse weather conditions


We hope the above information will assist you and we look forward to welcoming you as our customer.

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